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April 17 2015


April 14 2015

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"Route 66" (Mother Road) by Per-Olov Kindgren
Yesterday I passed 100.000 subscribers! That means I am the 15th most viewed channel in Denmark. (LEGO is no. 1...) Thanks to all that has supported me through the years since August 2006....
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10 ratings
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April 11 2015

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J. S. Bach: Chorale Prelude BWV 645 Arranged by Per-Olov Kindgren
Tabs and sheet music is available here: http://shop.per-olovkindgren.com/?product_tag=bwv645 I heard David Russell play this and was amazed how he could play it in D-Major. (Brilliant performance!)
Views: 1559
202 ratings
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April 09 2015

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Fantasia N82 - Francesco da Milano - Lute - Luth
I just bring back my 6 courses lute from the maker Didier Jarny for some set up. Such a fine instrument... (and a fine lutemaker).
From: Luthval
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14 ratings
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March 13 2015

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The Maids II (JTBC) Music by Per-Olov Kindgren
This is the second of two "teaser clips" from a new Cable TV Drama Series in South Korea that will use some of my compositions in a Drama series called "The Maids". This trailer is with my...
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March 12 2015

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The Maids (JTBC) Music by Per-Olov Kindgren
I am proud to show the first of two trailers from a new Cable TV Drama Series in South Korea that will use some of my compositions. The drama is called "The Maids". This trailer is with my...
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March 09 2015

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Cantio Lodomerica XXX - Shche Ne Vmerla - Roman Turovsky - Lute Luth
This is a setting of the Ukrainian national Hymn for lute with diminutions by Roman Turovsky.
From: Luthval
Views: 72
1 ratings
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March 08 2015

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De Temporum Fine - Chorea I - Roman Turovsky - Lute - Luth
Another composition by Roman Turovsky. Lute made by Didier Jarny.
From: Luthval
Views: 148
1 ratings
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March 04 2015

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Roman Turovsky : Cantio Lodomerico XXXII - Lute - Luth
A new production of my favorite modern lute composer, Roman Turovsky : http://polyhymnion.org/swv/ Inspired by folk songs of Ukrain. Played on a 6 courses lute made by Didier Jarny.
From: Luthval
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February 25 2015

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Bach: Bourree in e-minor BWV 996
This is the famous Bourree in e-minor from Lute suite no. 1 BWV 996. Tabs and sheet music are available at http://www.per-olovkindgren.com/ipnmonitor I kept this "Private" for 8 years! I made...
Views: 3200
216 ratings
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February 15 2015

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Cancion de Cuna Bajo la Luna (Lullaby Under the Moon)
Yet another piece in my "Spanish Images" / "Estampas" suite. With Drop D-tuning. Score and Tabs available here http://www.per-olovkindgren.com/ipnmonitor/ind...
Views: 6476
271 ratings
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February 08 2015

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Tender Love (Per-Olov Kindgren)
It is a long time since I wrote a "real" romantic love song. But here it is! I wish I could have dedicated this to someone though... On the other hand now all of you can feel that I made it...
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January 30 2015

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Ciudad Perdida - The Lost City by Per-Olov Kindgren
Score and tabs here: http://www.per-olovkindgren.com/ipnmonitor/ I was inspired by a piece by Austrian guitarist Michael Langer and wanted to make a similar easy, but well sounding, piece....
Views: 824
114 ratings
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January 04 2015

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No Más (No More) by Per-Olov Kindgren
Happy 2015 everybody! I start this year with a statement: NO MÁS (No More). And I mean it! :-) TABs & sheet music can be found here: ...
Views: 698
135 ratings
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December 27 2014

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FS NICE-France appr 27-12-14 flew with RealWorld weather eng.
That's how it looks Nice Côte d'Azur Int. approach today flew by me first time at 17:00 was really hard landing for all real World pilots. The problem her is that you have a very little space...
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December 22 2014

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Let's Love Again (Per-Olov Kindgren)
Regardless of beliefs, religion or faith: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2015!! from Per-Olov to all of you! Tabs and score are available at ...
Views: 352
97 ratings
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December 10 2014

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Da Crema - Ricercar - Renaissance Guitar
A friend of mine, Gaétan de Truchis, visit me to show me his brand new "guiterne" (renaissance guitar) made by Nicolas Petit. I tried his instrument and play...
From: Luthval
Views: 248
18 ratings
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